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Doctor Who fanfic

Nine, Rose

The Ragged Edge; G, "On Gallifrey, each baby falls down only once." Nine/Rose.

Ten, Ten/Rose, Donna

you can't; PG, heartbreaking.
ourselves we find in the sea; PG, "No, not a beach."
Tomorrow Is A Long Time; R, angsty, dramatic, beautifully written story of Rose's journey across different universes to find the Doctor. Brilliant ending.
Some Sort of Time Lord Code; PG, post-Silence in the Library.
Fisticuffs; PG, fluff. Ten/Rose.
That Night On Betazorn 9; PG, hilarious Ten/Rose/Donna getting drunk fic.
Passing The Torch; PG, 'How To Carry On My Legacy by The Doctor' featuring Donna.
Doctorella; G, cute.

TenTwo, 10.5/Rose

Zen and the Art of Aesthetic Farming; R, sweet, hilarious, heartfelt.
Noble Pursuits; Teen, In an alternate universe, alternate Donna Noble is a PA at H.C. Clements.
Noble Intentions; Teen, sequel to above. Great series.
A Change In The Weather; R, really lovely story about the Human Doctor adjusting to human life.
Sometimes It Is Just That Simple (but mostly it is not); PG, Rory falls into the alt!Universe.
The Six Stages of a Human Time Lord Biological Metacrisis (Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Frosting) ; R, fun story.

A Proper Hello; PG, cute.
Gingerbread; Teen; Alt!Universe series of short fics featuring Alt!Donna
The One True Free Life; R, chaptered fic.
Affair of Honour; PG, fluffy fun Ten.5/Rose
The Devil You Know; R. Big What-If Twist after Journey's End.
Her Doctor; Teen, hilarious.
Peace In Our Time; PG, lovely.
The Rather Odd Couple; Teen, cute, funny.
The Dangers of Accessorizing; PG, the Doctor buys a purse and goes to a gay bar. Accidentally. As you do.
Male Bonding; PG, the Doctor spends some time with Pete.

Eleven, Rose, Amy/Rory, Eleven/River

The Day Rory Was Sent To Get The Groceries
How Amy Got the Doctor to Talk About the R Word; G.
Some Enchanted Evening; G. He steps closer, closes the distance, and holds her in his arms. (He can’t not.) The fit isn’t the same, but it doesn’t matter because the Doctor and Rose coming together is like a universal constant, like the law of gravity, except of course, the universe isn’t that kind to him, but… Lovely.


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